You’re Not Enough

NOTHING is as damaging or limiting to your progress than blindly believing you are ENOUGH.
I’m not enough. I know I have the ability (as we all do), but I’m still not fulfilling my own potential. But I’m facing up to it.

Soft Soaping

The ‘soft soaping’ world has turned to shit, offering those willing to compromise or quit and sit on their lazy arses, a way out. A way of justifying being shit.
Okay, if there are any of you out there that are doing everything you can, or feel like you just can’t function, and are somehow being made to feel like you’re not good enough by those around you, then please reach out. Don’t suffer in silence.
But my opinion is, if you genuinely are pushing your boundaries, challenging yourself and striving for your true potential, you WON’T feel this way.

Here’s the truth

Reality is this. The vast majority of us aren’t fulfilling our potential. We don’t even know what our potential is, and the risk is therefore that we set our aim TOO LOW. What then happens is we achieve these ‘goals’ and still feel hollow. What do we then do? We look for validation and words of Sympathy from the masses. Their intentions may be good but the effect ISN’T.

It seems as though it doesn’t matter how little effort you are making, it’s still okay to be average. Or worse. “You’re still ENOUGH”, they’ll tell you. “Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t enough”, they’ll chunter. It’s bullshit. Don’t listen or you’ll feed your subconscious with all that it needs to slam the brakes on to your progress and lower your aspirations.


It’s poison. It has become acceptable to board and dwell on the ‘it’s ok to be shit’ bandwagon and expect, or in most cases demand sympathy and pity by the bucket load. Okay, not every day goes to plan. Shit things happen. In fact, the more you push boundaries and stretch your comfort zone, the more times you’ll encounter setbacks. Fact. But only the average, mediocre and WEAK, seek words of pity and condolence.

Don’t listen to the BS. You’re not enough. Not nearly enough, and it’s okay to feel like you’re not. You’re just getting started. Set your sights HIGH and when you encounter the inevitable setbacks and failures, take them on the chin. Refuse to seek solace in the sympathy from the average and mediocre.

Dust yourself down and continue to pursue your TRUE potential.

Be TrueSapien.

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