Welcome to the #BandOfOrange

Are You TrueSapien?

Welcome to truesapien

The movement committed to ‘Challenge Life’ and ‘Reject Mediocrity’.

TrueSapien is the Fitness and Lifestyle Brand & Movement for those committed to be THE BEST THEY CAN BE. 

TrueSapiens reject mediocrity by unleashing their existing, inherent human traits. 

Challenging ourselves to AIM HIGH, OVERCOME and ACHIEVE, and by doing so, forging a greater self. A TRUE Sapien.

“I honestly feel the TrueSapien ethos has helped me not only with my running journey, but how I go about my day to day life” - Lee



You aren't defined by the brand that you wear...... The brand you wear is defined by YOU!

What is the REAL reason you train, compete and challenge yourself?

Because with each workout, event or challenge, you are forging a better YOU. You're creating a TRUE Sapien.

One more able to aim EVEN higher, possessing the attributes and determination, the like of which you have NEVER felt before.

With the help of TrueSapien, your goals will become so intertwined with your way of life that it will be hard to tell them apart.

That is when you can TRULY begin to achieve great things.

Be TrueSapien

You have the ability to achieve FAR MORE.

But why do SO FEW succeed in achieving their goals and living a fulfilling and MEANINGFUL life? Their OWN life?

….Because THE MAJORITY don’t aim high enough to even get close to ACHIEVING THEIR POTENTIAL.

They settle for a ‘comfortable’ existence, forgoing any lofty aspirations. Most QUIT and live in compromise and frustration. A life of regrets and ‘what if’s’. 

BREAK FREE and be part of a unique and INSPIRATIONAL movement. One designed to INTENSIFY your ambitions, help you SUSTAIN them and start REALISING your potential.

Reject Mediocrity. Be TRUESAPIEN!

"their ethos is awesome! The whole concept of truesapien is brilliant! -
verified customer

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