TrueSapien is the lifestyle movement created to empower, support, and champion the actions of those that aspire to more than average. 

They whose actions on a day-to-day basis, inspire others around them to pursue their potential, achieve more and create positive change.

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Are the majority wasting their TRUE potential?

Modern technology means we no longer need to hunt, gather or fight to survive (well not literally anyway).

Are we in danger of DEVOLVING? Becoming creatures of habit, taking the easy road or path of least resistance at every opportunity. Following the crowd and languishing, barely alive, instead of striving as though our future depends on it, we are wasting the innate abilities that made us what we are.

 We should be thriving and INSPIRING others into action!


Are you ready to join with us to resist the mediocrity of the Status Quo? To pursue the BEST version of yourself?

Be part of the TrueSapien tribe, the Band Of Orange, with its own dedicated member area. A resource of motivation, knowledge, and inspiration, to help you on your journey of pursuing your potential and inspiring those around you.

Being ‘Sapien’ is our birthright. But to be TRUESapien is a choice.


More than just a ‘brand’. More than JUST apparel. It’s WHO YOU ARE. Your Signal of intent to BE MORE HUMAN, to make YOUR mark, leading by example.