Trail Running. 5 Reasons You Should Hit The Trail.

There are a number of reasons why road runners should get out on the trails, but don’t. Why is this?

Many road runners don’t like the idea of trail running. Whether it’s considered too much preparation, more inconvenient or just fear of doing something different but the benefits can see massive improvements in your road running performance. Here are the top 5 reasons to lace up those trail shoes and get off the tarmac:

1. Full Body Workout: Hitting the trails requires you to use the whole body. It gives you a stronger core, arms and legs without the risk of repetitive injury.

2. Less risk of injury: Every step on a trail can be different, reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries that are so frequent with road running.

3. Workout for the mind: On the road you can switch off and ignore the scenery, on the trails you have to pay attention to your whole surroundings. This also helps you reconnect with nature

4. Opens up a whole new world: Depending on where you live you may be restricted to where you can road on tarmac, but if you hit the trails it opens up a whole new world of opportunity. Most major towns and cities have green spaces with running trails not too far away from the centre.

5. Enjoy running again: Running on tarmac through a dirty polluted town can be demoralising, lonely and make you not want to run. If you hit the trails you can really start to enjoy the outdoors. Take your time, getting a pb is irrelevant; find a river to swim halfway through your run; spot wildlife; breathe in the fresh air; and nearly all trail runners will say hi or stop to chat on the trail…

So find a trail near you and get out there!

Rob, The Highland Running Coach is a TrueSapien Partner. Visit his page here.

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