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Which YOU wins? The key to success and making the RIGHT choices.


What is the key to staying on the path to success; whatever that may mean to you? Surprisingly, the answer isn’t willpower.

Success or failure isn’t determined by intention or willpower. Sure, intention plays a part because if there was no initial goal, a desired outcome would be unlikely, if not impossible. But what has a more powerful bearing on success?

The human brain

Basically talking, there are two parts to your brain when it comes to decision making. The ‘instinctive’ and the ‘logical’. The part of the brain that is instinctive, your ‘primal brain’ is called the Medulla. The section that is logical, your ‘modern brain’ is your Frontal Cortex.

First step to success

How does this affect your chances reaching the success you are aiming for? The first step is being aware that there are two areas of your brain and that each influences your behaviour. The next step is to consciously choose which you listen to. Where the average and the mediocre fall down is that they are not prepared. They aren’t aware of and don’t understand they even have a choice. They are mostly driven by their instinctive Medulla. Blissfully ignorant to the fact it’s taking them on a shallow, pleasure seeking ride to nowhere.

Logic is your weapon

The only way to get where you want to get is by engaging the logical part of your brain. Makes sense right? If you’re heading on a long journey you would plan a route or use a navigation system. And that is logic. There are key behaviours and decisions that you know will determine whether you succeed or not. You want to run a marathon then you need to run regularly. Gradually increase your mileage. Maybe follow a specifically designed plan. Want to lose some weight then don’t buy cake from the supermarket and therefore consume less calories.

A choice

It may sound simple, but being unaware of the facts is catastrophic, as far as your goals are concerned. It doesn’t even require willpower. Once you knowingly engage logic and can have a rational reasoning process, there is no mental tug of war. It’s down to a simple choice of right and wrong. Success or failure.

Over a short period of time, those logical thoughts become instinctual.

Recognise the two YOU’s. Ensure that the logical you, aligned to your beliefs and objectives is in control until that behaviour becomes instinctual.

Be TrueSapien. Reject Mediocrity.

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