Those who we associate with have a huge impact on how successful we will be. We have chosen our partners carefully, to help you on your journey to Challenge Life and Reject Mediocrity!

The Band Of Orange Membership PARTNERS!

ACtive elements

We’re an outdoor adventure company, looking to embrace everything the world has to offer.


Introducing Sports Barista, three keen sports enthusiasts with a passion for running, cycling and coffee.

Ben Hale Training

Offer a variety of online fitness classes to help you achieve your goals. From a background of Boxing and Ironman Triathlon.

ACtive Root

Active Root is a range of natural ginger sports nutrition products from Edinburgh. Ginger is the core component in all of their products, enabling active people and athletes to have a settled stomach before, during and after exercise and sport.

AW Running Fitness

AW Running Fitness was founded in 2017 to guide and support runners of all abilities, from beginners to ultra runners.


What is Fitamin C and how can it help you achieve your fitness goals? Click through to find out!

emma Holmes

Emma Holmes is a mum of 2, a wife of one and endurance athlete (yeah, she’s bold enough to use the word athlete ~ we are all athletes you know).

Morgan Bruce P.T.

What is Moggs PT and how can she help you achieve your fitness goals? Click through to find out!

UK OCR & Overload Run

A Group dedicated to Obstacle Course Racing, UKOCR group are promoting the Overload Run, set to be the ultimate obstacle course race in the UK. 


Welcome to WestSide Coaching. Whether you’re new to cycling, or an experienced rider, we have the utmost confidence we can help you successfully pursue your potential

Anna-Louise coaching

Welcome to Anna-Louise Coaching, where my aim will be to assist you in your journey to becoming your happiest, healthiest, and strongest self!


More than just a ‘brand’. More than JUST apparel. It’s WHO YOU ARE. Your Signal of intent to BE MORE HUMAN, to make YOUR mark, leading by example.