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My name is Glyn, I am the Coach behind WestSide Coaching. 

Since a very young age I have loved sports of all kinds – Football, Rugby, Cricket, Badminton, Golf, Track and field sports, cross country running and cycling. Each of these sports has different skill sets, and this breadth of experience has helped me form a deep and varied understanding of what’s required to be successful. A great resource to draw from in a coaching capacity.

I participated in all of these until I left school to join the RAF as an Aircraft Technician. I loved my time working in the Forces where I continued to play Football, representing my RAF Station every week. Being 164cm and only 55-60kg wet through, I had to use the skills I learnt as a youngster to overcome my lack of stature on the field. 

Due to an Anterior Cruciate ligament tear playing football just a few months after leaving the Forces I rode the bike a lot more for my sporting thrill as the knee wasn’t affected by this. It took over 5 yrs to get the knee reconstruction surgery to be able to run again with no issues. By this time I had gone from strength to strength in my cycling, to being a 1st Cat rider and gaining a top 10 in the British National Hill Climb Championships. 

I was quickly learning from my mistakes, discovering my strengths and weaknesses and trying to play them to my advantage. At this stage I had started to coach friends and teammates. Through word of mouth I received more and more requests to Coach others. This is when I then decided to launch WestSide Coaching

Over the years I have helped club riders achieve their Goals, whether that be PB on their local climbs, winning the age group category at the British National Hill Climb Championships and even gaining the British record for Everesting and a top 10 worldwide time. All of these riders have been full time workers with families and cycling is their passion and hobby. 

I am Inspired by what TrueSapien is achieving. A friendly community that inspires their Band of Orange to go for Goals beyond the norm and challenge themselves to be the best they can be. Whether you are a beginner in the world of cycling, looking to get off to the best possible start, or an experienced rider looking to improve, I have the utmost confidence that Westside Coaching can help you

I can offer TrueSapien members a free 30min consultation via phone and a 20% discount on the WKO5 Testing and Annual Review (I can discuss these on the consultation). If you’d like to learn more about any of these services you can contact me via the website form or via email [email protected]

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