Highland Running Coach

I have always been a lover of the great outdoors and ran my own mountain guiding and rock climbing business for many years. Having struggled to find a coach to help me with my running, I decided to re-train myself as a Running Coach!


I’m Rob, the Highland Running Coach.

I have always been a lover of the great outdoors and ran my own mountain guiding and rock5 climbing business for many years. Then back in 2017 a friend asked me to support her on the West Highland Way race, and run the final section with her. This was where my love of running strated. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very good and was constantly getting injured, so I decided to find myself a coach. This was problematic, as there wasn’t a coach within 150 miles of me that I could find, so I decided to re-train as a coach myself.

 I went to University and studied in Coaching & Developing Sport, did an online diploma in Personal Training, during covid, and I’m just finishing the UESCA Running Coach Award. Over this time I changed my running style and training, and have been injury free for over 2 years. Most of my own running is trails and mountains and a few

of the races I have participated include, the Ring of Steall Race, Moray Coast Ultra, The Highlander Backyard Ultra and most recently the Glencoe Skyline.

I started Highland Running Coach in 2021 to pass on this new found knowledge and give people the confidence to take on these epic challenges themselves.

What I offer

The majority of my clients are online, though I do offer the opportunity to work face to face, including a Road to Trail option where I help people transition from road running to trail runnning. Most clients sign up for the 4 weekly bespoke training plan which I design specifically to suit your
lifestyle and fitness level. It includes a strength and conditioning program and 7 day a week advice and guidance. I am aware of the differences in male and female training requirements and can program your training to match your physiology.

A new offering for 2023 is Mentoring. This is for people who just want guidance and advice once in a while. This comes in the form of a video call lasting as long as it needs but approximately 2 hours. Topics covered can include everything running related, such as: race prep; designing your
own program; advice on specific events; coming back from injury; how to run injury free; nutrition for ultras; how to start trail running; running kit; how to improve form etc…

Feel free to contact me directly or connect through the community pages in TrueSapien’s member area. I look forward to hearing from you!

I offer all Band Of Orange members a no obligation, free consultation, to determine whether we can meet their goals together.

Then a 10% reduction on ny services undertaken.



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