What is TrueSapien? TrueSapien is a movement created by ordinary people, to inspire ‘ordinary’ people to unleash THEIR EXTRAordinary. To empower, motivate, support, and celebrate their actions as they challenge themselves to reject mediocrity and fulfil their real potential.

A community which believes that by challenging ourselves we achieve more, grow, find fulfilment and become better people. Demonstrating in action a valuable example for those around us to aspire to, creating positive change.

Conceived in 2013, we’ve come a long way, but we know that our biggest challenge lies ahead; to nurture a membership community to become a self fulfilling prophecy, which encourages and supports each other to achieve way beyond what we thought possible.

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"Being TrueSapien is a constant source of motivation & Inspiration to me" -
TrueSapien member

...What is a 'truesapien'!

Your own inner ‘TrueSapien’ already exists. It is the aspirational, omnipotent version of yourself. The one achieved only by consistently challenging yourself to improve and utilising your natural traits, instincts and abilities as a Homosapien. A ‘self’ compelled to take action, not sit back and watch.

...Could you be a Truesapien?

Do you feel that you owe it to yourself to pursue and realise your TRUE potential? To challenge and lead by example? To fearlessly, passionately and grittily inspire and encourage others to also unleash their own TrueSapien? 

Yes? Then join with us, and commit to embody the TRUE Sapien spirit!

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