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Origins. The TrueSapien Story.

How did TrueSapien begin? Widely recognised as a brand, but one that’s uniquely powered by its inspiring followers. Those that reject mediocrity, challenge life and above all aren’t afraid to BE OBSESSED with their passion to progress.

From a tentative Facebook post and a vague concept, TrueSapien has evolved considerably since 2013. There’s now a website, presence on multiple social media platforms, and a growing clothing range. But above all, we share a belief with those that align with us. A belief that together we can make a difference, and can inspire each other to success.

Progress has been made, but we know that our biggest challenge lies ahead; to nurture and grow a community to become a self fulfilling prophecy. One that encourages and supports one another to achieve way beyond what we thought possible. Striving for our true potential and achieving our highest aspirations. That will create a REAL legacy. 

The origins of TrueSapien

Stephen & John had met back in 2001 as Wing Chun Kung Fu students. Having both gone on to become Si-Fu’s of Kung Fu themselves, they would also meet regularly outside of class to train further and socialise.

A Friday evening in Birmingham in late 2013. Following a weights session at Virgin Active and during a burger at Frankie & Benny’s, conversation soon turned to what had become a recurring topic at these meetings.

Are we fulfilling our potential, as individuals and as a Human Beings? Or are we satisfied with settling for way less than we are capable of, as a result of ultra comfortable lifestyles? Distracted by meaningless pursuits that serve no purpose at all. Are Homo Sapiens actually devolving?

Were there others?

We wondered if there were others out there questioning whether they were falling below their actual potential. That had prematurely quit or compromised their goals due to common distractions. Others questioning their own lifestyle choices, lacking motivation, and looking around them and questioning the choices of the majority?

Were there Men and Women out there, of all ages, feeling like they were ‘missing’ something? Who thought they should be challenging themselves to set a better example to those around them, their families and children. Not just for the here and now, but for our children and or children’s children, so a positive shift could be created in our evolution, rather than the current, downward trend.

What could we do?

What could we do about it? Could WE inspire a change outside of our immediate friends and family? We could try.

We decided then and there to start a Facebook Page. Somewhere to air our views and observations and also see if there was any interest…. We knew we should have a name for this ‘thing’ we were starting, but didn’t know what to call it. A name would be the next step. Fired up with enthusiasm, we thought of little else over the weekend. Many texts to and from with suggestions; BeHuman, MoreHuman, Isapien, BeSapien……

By Monday, we had settled on TrueSapien.

Nearly 10 years on and a lot’s changed. Both personally and with TrueSapien. We’ve both evolved as people, married with families, with all of the challenges and enjoyment that brings. But our passion and motivation to grow TrueSapien has only increased. The origins of TrueSapien and it’s purpose are always at the forefront of our minds.

Power of a community

Solely as a ‘brand’, we know TrueSapien are overwhelming underdogs. We don’t have the vast resources that major brands in ‘our space’ have. But we have something even more powerful. An indomitable belief and obsession to change something for the better. An intense and meaningful sense of purpose, and a resolute ‘WHY’? By harnessing that, we can achieve anything.

Be TrueSapien.

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