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No Complaints

Stop acting like a child and complaining to anyone and everyone. No one cares. In fact, most people are fucking ecstatic to hear about your problems.

Complaining is the curse of the average, the mediocre and life’s ‘Energy Vampires’ …. It’s also at the root of many other adverse traits that sabotage growth and potential, such as jealousy and entitlement. It drains self motivation.

How many times, even in just the last few days, have you heard people complain? Why are so many addicted to complaining and moaning? You’ve likely been guilty yourself at some point. Griping about stuff like the weather and ‘tiredness’. Loquacious insignificance like how hungry or thirsty they are or how much other stuff they have to do. Acting like they are the only ones in the entire universe to face these ‘issues’. Heads up; NO ONE REALLY GIVES A SHIT.


Whilst complaining is proven to screw you over by raising anxiety, stress levels and PREVENTING progress toward goals, it seems the average are addicted to it. Why?

They ENJOY being VICTIMS. Sympathy junkies. They want be considered underdogs, whose progress is unlikely as the world is conspiring against them. It also provides an opportunity to delay hard work, creating excuses for underachieving now and forever. To think they were once THE most elite sperm out of millions…..


Rather than ENDURING and overcoming GENUINE hardships like our very recent, preceding generations, they whine and whinge about ANYTHING. They expect people to care. Do they want others to share their ‘burden’, lessening their accountability? It’s so commonplace, it’s an easy trap to fall into.

Is there an antidote?

Firstly, just be aware and mindful that it exists. Like so many traits adopted by the average majority, it can blind side you. RECOGNISE it in others.

REFRAME complaints into challenge. This throws a positive light on any issue and makes YOU RESPONSIBLE. It provides a solution and prevents the complaint becoming an EXCUSE and an opportunity to earn sympathy.

These tactics will nurture your attitude to see challenge over excuses in adversity, empowering you to aim higher and achieve MORE.

Refuse to be drawn into the pointless search for sympathy, one that’s polluting our species’ very ability to control their own destiny.

QUIT the complaining, RESCUE your aspirations. Be TrueSapien.

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