Lazy, of weak desire and a superficial sense of purpose.

It’s the difference between those on a purposeful trajectory of self improvement, striving for their potential…… and everyone else. A small minority versus the vast majority.

The difference is simple. A willingness to rise above laziness and weak desire. At the core , the majority are weak and lazy. They know what to do to improve themselves, their lives and the lives of those around them. But REALLY they want something more than that. They want to be comfortable. They want to seek short term, superficial pleasure and escapism. 

Then they’ll convince themselves there is some kind of fault with them, like deficient willpower or self discipline. Maybe even blame their parents, upbringing or some past ‘traumatic’ event. Or blame the very place they find themselves in on their environment, as if they happened they’re by chance rather than as a result of their own actions. 

TrueSapiens are accountable. We don’t disempower ourselves by blaming others, bad luck or ‘circumstance’. We are responsible for what we have and have done.

Above all, WILLING to take action to improve.

Be TrueSapien. Challenge life and Reject Mediocrity.

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