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Last Man Standing? Is Manliness a thing of the past?

Do you feel as though you’re one of the last men standing?

Masculinity and Manliness are traits that are rapidy disolving in men today.

In days gone by manliness was considered a sought after quality, admired by fellow men and a source of inspiration and desired by the fairer sex. The more ‘alpha’ the male then the more likely he would be to succeed.

Men relished working hard, not afraid to roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty and do what was necessary to put food on the table. They were more concerned with what they did than how they looked doing it, not afraid to speak their minds and challenged themselves and others in physical pursuits.

So what changed?

Through the rise in gender equality in all aspects of life, ironically the spirit of manliness was batted down, suppressed and critcised. Men went too far in their aim not to offend and to be more politically correct in a society increasingly aware of of gender equality.

Gone was their clear identity and core principles, passed down from father to son, generation by generation only to be replaced by a confused state of uncertainty of how a man should act in order to avoid criticism from the masses.

So what should we do?

Of course we don’t want to return to days of sexism, chauvinism and suppression, in fact we need to show even greater respect to others, elevate them, champion them and encourage them to greater achievements.

But we need to do this as men. We need to be proud of who we are and be true to what inherently drives us, without worry of condemnation. We need to reverse the emasculinisation process. Hold ourselves accountable for what we have in life and not blame any setbacks on others, the society in which we live or the government for making success ‘impossible’. We need to believe we are strong, mentally and physically and accept that nothing in life is going to be handed to us on a plate and that we are in fact ‘entitled’ to very little. We need to inspire and set examples by our actions and not just words.

In short we need to Man Up.

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