It’s An Easy Life

It’s an EASY life… we’ve never had it SO GOOD. You’d find it hard to argue convincingly, with those from previous generations to the contrary.

But is the EASY life actually a recipe for disaster? Has the comfort of modern living made the majority SOFT? Incapable of facing challenge or discomfort, the essential components of progress.

Is it responsible for creating generations of ‘man-child’s? Child like adults, unable to accept any responsibility or accountability for their actions. Never truly setting themselves free from the never ending supply of safety nets demanded by today’s society. Unable to demonstrate the type of characteristics required to live a life of real purpose, to set an inspirational example to those around them.

REFUSE to be drawn in to the COMFORT ZONE. Seek and THRIVE on challenge and accountability, the attributes you will forge and the inspiration you will create.

Be TrueSapien.


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