If you follow the crowd you’ll only ever get the leftovers

There’s a way to a meaningful and inspiring life that’s easy to choose, but most don’t take….

It’s comfortable to do what the majority do (or don’t do). There’s a reassurance that there will be little worry, anxiety or stress by being ‘conventional’. Never having to step outside the comfort zone.
To ‘live’ within your known physical and mental capabilities.

But is that really LIFE? Is that not FAILING by default?

The REAL rewards in life are found on the less trodden paths. Less trodden because they exist where there are no signposts. They are OUTSIDE of what you KNOW. FURTHER than you have gone before. TOUGHER environments and more TESTING conditions. 

There you will find RESILIENCE, GRIT and PERSISTENCE.
This is where your CHARACTER will grow. Where your VALUE will increase along with your SELF BELIEF. These are the REAL TREASURES.  

Be TrueSapien.

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