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I’m Heather. My primary interest is OCR through which I have competed in UK, European and World Championships. I love trail running and will get out exploring whenever I can. I also bought a road bike recently so may venture into cycling or multisport events in the near future!

I can’t resist a quirky event or challenge and have taken part in Red Bull Neptune Steps, World Wife Carrying Championships, World Pooh Sticks Championships, carried a couch 5km at parkrun and have run 100 miles around the coast of Malta over a weekend.

My current goals focus on OCR. I’m aiming to achieve age group podiums at European and World events once races start up again. I’m training hard to hit a 5km PB. I have 3 Fastest Known Time attempts (FKTs) planned, and may add some more to this. I’ve also got some long distance runs between 40-120 miles planned which are likely to be self supported runs given the lack of events due to covid. Longer term I don’t really know yet!

I’ve been TrueSapien for 4 or 5 years having met through Instagram. I love the team and the community; always positive and encouraging, with everyone striving to be more, do more and make the most out of every day (whatever that means for each individual). Being part of a group who would ask “why not” when faced with a challenge rather than “why” is 100% what I want to be a part of!

Being TrueSapien is a constant source of motivation and inspiration for me. It has made me push what I thought were my limits and face challenges that previously I would have shied away from. It prevents me from getting sucked into the routine and negativity that we face each day.

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt is to overcome the fear of failure. There is no harm in trying. The biggest failure is to never step up and attempt things in the first place.

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