How Alive Are You?

Take a look around you. How many people appear alive? Like REALLY alive?

Why do the majority seem to be drifting through life, going through the motions of existing. Not even questioning their purpose?

Are the prophecies of Apocalypses of the ‘undead’ really fictional, or is it some kind of metaphor for what is happening right before our eyes?

The same ‘undead’ majority aimlessly follow each other, seemingly without desire to achieve anything like their potential. Performing their actions without passion or vitality. Happy just seeking comfort at every turn, no challenge or ambition, resigned to a mediocre life at best. And that’s what they get.

Resist the very real trap of the undead. Be alive. Don’t allow fears and day to day worries drain YOUR life force. Pay interest to EVERYTHING you do and say.

LIVE them. Do things WELL, and with enthusiasm. Challenge who you are and the perception of the heights you believe you can attain.

Be TrueSapien.


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