No Fixed Destiny

A challenge combining Mindset, Nutrition and Physical components to help you unleash YOUR TrueSapien!

TrueSapien · 21/02/2022

Your destiny is not fixed! You have the ability to achieve WAY more than, most likely, you believe. Are you ready to begin reprogramming your mindset, and creating positive habits that could set your path on a higher trajectory?! The No Fixed Destiny challenge combines 3 of the essential elements required, if you’re going to successfully Challenge Life and achieve your TRUE potential:

Mindset, Physical, Nutritional.

Each Challenge element has been carefully considered to help you to develop key habits and learn valuable lessons that will better arm you, not only for further challenges, but for your life of rejecting mediocrity. Whilst the individual challenges are basic in their concept, do not underestimate their value. Complete each as instructed, following guidelines closely. Don’t take shortcuts and be true to yourself. Above all else, enjoy the challenge!

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