Why Willpower ISN’T the key to achieving the success you want….

It’s a common misconception that a mastery of willpower is required to achieve anything of worth.
That if you dared dream of accomplishing something extraordinary then you’d better have huge reserves of willpower to draw upon.

This isn’t true. And you can achieve HUGE things WITHOUT having to rely on willpower.

Success and the achievement of goals should be boiled down to CHOICES and HABIT.

We face a huge number of choices every day. Amongst them are pivotal choices that will move you TOWARD what you want to achieve or AWAY from it, depending upon your decision. 

The challenge is being AWARE enough to identify them when they arise and ACT ACCORDINGLY.

So, in short. YOU can make willpower irrelevant, IF you are clear about what you WANT MOST and are AWARE when choices arise.

Then comes habit….. more about that another time.

Be TrueSapien. Reject Mediocrity.


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