What’s your unlikely ALLY on your journey to achieve something extraordinary…?

Unlikely candidate

BOREDOM wouldn’t be the first thing to spring to mind, but it is YOUR SECRET WEAPON. And is it the reason SO FEW are now failing to rise ABOVE or even TO MEDIOCRITY?


Because boredom INSPIRES CREATIVITY. Creativity to think bigger and AIM HIGHER. But only IF you make the right decisions and take the RIGHT ACTION.


The reason why so many are FAILING is because technology has been created to OCCUPY and SATISFY your boredom, often BEFORE you are even bored. BEFORE you are inspired to be PRODUCTIVE; To do something towards creating something incredible.


Recognise, appreciate and allow time for times when you’re doing NOTHING. Be LESS inclined to automatically pick up your phone or surf channels. Give your mind a chance and the TIME to steer you in your chosen direction, rather than distracting from it.

Be TrueSapien. Reject Mediocrity.


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