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Lifestyle, Physical, Nutritional and Event Challenges undertaken by resident TrueSapien Ben. 

Spartan Racer, Ultra Runner, Challenger of Life. I got into sport later in life than some but I’ve never let that be an excuse. Swimming, skateboarding, powerlifting, cycling, running, Obstacle courses, endurance, boot camps, ultramarathons have all crossed my path and they all have one thing in common. They challenge me. Anyone that knows me will attest to the fact that I am a VERY competitive person but your toughest competition is always yourself. My goal is to push my limits to the breaking point, pick up the pieces and push them again. I will fail, probably more than I succeed, but I won’t stop. 

Those who we associate with have a huge impact on how successful we will be. We have chosen our partners carefully, to help you on your journey to Challenge Life and Reject Mediocrity!

The Band Of Orange Membership PARTNERS!

10K PB

5K Run PB Attempt

The challenge is simple. To set a 5K run PB. There are many conflicting opinions on PB’s and their relevance to achieving long term goals…....

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