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Blame Others, or Be Accountable?

There’s a coping mechanism that, if you adopt it, will ruin your chances of EVER creating something extraordinary. So what is it and how can YOU avoid falling into the common trap? The coping mechanism is this: Blame. Someone. Else. Blame others. Anybody, rather than be accountable.

Alarming trend

It’s the upsurging trend that is evident everywhere. The more you’re aware of it, the more you’ll see it.

Miss out on a promotion – Unfair boss.

Struggling to pay credit card debts – finance company should never have given you that much credit.

Out of work – the government has wrecked the economy.

Watch people hurl abuse at a table leg when they stub their toe! Yes, even inanimate objects are not exempt from blame…

The main protagonists?

The average and mediocre. Those that have decided, subconsciously, to outsource control of their lives to CHANCE by relinquishing accountability. This abandonment of ownership destroys discipline and motivation. “If it’s someone else’s fault, why try, right?!”

The cause?

A blame culture has been born out of a reluctance to take accountability when things go wrong. It’s become EASIER to blame SOMEONE or SOMETHING else than to be accountable.

What can YOU do?

REFUSE to fall into the trap and be TRUESAPIEN. Take accountability of everything in your life and everything that happens to you. If it is something that really is just unfortunate, then accept that sometimes SHIT JUST HAPPENS. But YOU CAN take accountability of your REACTION and RESPONSE.

This is where you’ll set yourself apart from the average. When you’ll lead and inspire others in the process.

Be TrueSapien.

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