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YOUR ACTUAL SUCCESS depends largely on two factors; HOW HIGH you set your sights and WHO you surround yourself with.

You can be LIMITED greatly by the constraints you set on YOURSELF. You can’t achieve MORE than what you aspire to achieve. As a result, those aspirations are often inhibited or influenced by those you surround yourself with. Those NOT on the same mission.

The TrueSapien lifestyle movement was formed by and for those wishing to aim higher. They who wish to inspire and BE inspired, support and be supported whilst sharing knowledge, experience and motivation with like minded people.

Exclusively for our tribe members, we have created an inspirational community environment with an overriding purpose; To inspire, motivate, encourage and INTENSIFY it’s members ambitions to be THE BEST THEY CAN BE.


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Why do SO FEW succeed in achieving their goals or fulfilling their POTENTIAL?

….Because THE MAJORITY don’t aim high enough to even get close to ACHIEVING THEIR POTENTIAL. They settle, or worse still, QUIT. Then live in a state of compromise, frustration, regrets and ‘what if’s’.

Your success CAN’T rely on self-motivation, discipline and willpower as they are exhaustible resources. Sooner rather than later they will diminish or disappear altogether, to be replaced with compromise or resignation.

You have the potential to achieve FAR MORE than you ever dreamed possible. By being a part of the Band Of Orange Tribe, your goals will become so intertwined with your way of life that it will be hard to tell them apart.

The Band Of Orange member area is the member area of the TrueSapien Lifestyle Movement. It provides an inspirational, engaging environment for Runners, Cyclists, OCR Athletes, Outdoor Adventure and General Fitness enthusiasts.

One that will encourage you to AIM HIGHER THAN EVER BEFORE. An environment designed to inspire you to achieve WAY MORE than you would alone; to help you keep going when otherwise, like in the past, you may have QUIT, COMPROMISED or ACCEPTED MEDIOCRITY.

Reject Mediocrity...

...achieve more...

...be more Sapien.


-Runner, obstacle course racer and adventure seeker.

Being TrueSapien provides inspiration, motivation and a constant reminder to #ChallengeLife. I love the community, and seeing what others are up to. It’s great to feel surrounded by people who hear about adventures and events and say “why not?” rather than “why?”.

I thrive being around people who are honest, hard working, with genuine goals, and a true sense of purpose. TrueSapiens achieve without ego.

"I love the community, and seeing what others are up to. "

"...being TrueSapien is more than clothing! It’s the feeling of being part of a movement..."



My running journey began a little over three years ago and I’ve been part of the TrueSapien movement for two of these years. I’d become stuck in the usual work, eat, sleep, repeat routine and it was beginning to have a negative effect on my mental and physical health.

Wearing TrueSapien is great! The clothing is high quality and fits perfectly, but above all else, being TrueSapien is more than clothing! It’s the feeling of being part of a movement and the brand encourages this a above all else. They actively support their members and offer genuine support too everyone! Something that can’t be said about the ‘bigger’ brands out there.

I honestly feel the TrueSapien ethos has helped me not only with my running journey, but how I go about my day to day life. It’s been a pleasure watching the brand grow and seeing more and more people taking up the TrueSapien way of thinking.


-Mum, Fitness Lover, Runner.

I’ve been TrueSapien, since November 2019. TrueSapien is so much more than a clothing brand, it’s a community and full of support. I feel part of something much bigger by wearing the brand.

Since wearing and being part of Truesapien, I’ve had the chance to interact with other like minded runners through social media. For me personally, being part of TrueSapien is a privilege and a chance to be supported by a positive and empowering brand and community. I will continue to support and wear Truesapien with great pride.

"...it's a community and full of support. I feel part of something much bigger..."

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