If you’re reading this you belong to the species Homo Sapien, the only surviving species of the genus Homo (or Human). Homo Sapiens have evolved over many thousands of years to head up the food chain on this beautiful planet. It is ingrained in our nature as Homo Sapiens to search for answers, to excel, to challenge ourselves to improve, push boundaries and be the best we can possibly be. We believe that recent generations have lost sight of these roots, betraying this heritage. More inclined to be comfortable and satisfied to accept what they are given. To accept existing in obscurity, rather than aspiring to more and challenging themselves to achieve and be THE BEST THEY CAN BE.

"It is inherent in our nature as Homo Sapiens to challenge ourselves"

"To provide inspiration to improve, by celebrating the achievements of our brothers and sisters"

The TrueSapien movement was formed in a bid to reverse this alarming, downward trend and realign with a positive evolution for our species.

Frustrated at observing modern Homo Sapien’s relative general physical inactivity, laziness and lack of aspiration to improve, we decided to promote an alternative path:

To provide inspiration to improve by celebrating the achievements of our brothers and sisters. To demonstrate that challenging ourselves is a natural and fundamental part of our genetic make up.

That, by striving for better, we achieve more and become better people, providing a positive example for future generations to aspire to.

‘TrueSapien’ is the aspirational, omnipotent version of our self. It is achieved only by consistently challenging oneself to improve and by aligning with our natural traits, instincts and abilities as Homosapiens to be at one with but also master our chosen environment.

TrueSapiens use this high ground not for selfish gain but to affect change. To lead by example and fearlessly, passionately and grittily inspire and encourage others to unleash their own TrueSapien. Help us dispel preconceived myths to those that believe they can't achieve more than they already have. Join with us and commit to embody the True Sapien spirit.

"Be the best you can be and help inspire the same desire in others. Be more ‘Sapien’."

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