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Welcome to Anna-Louise Coaching, where my aim will be to assist you in your journey to becoming your happiest, healthiest, and strongest self! 


First, a little about me – I haven’t always been ‘the fitness girl’ but straight from university, where I studied a Law degree, I had a pretty socially isolating job with people very unlike myself. Fitness was my outlet, where I went to get away from my ‘problems’ – looking back at that time I can say that I was lonely, desperate for community, connection and a sense of purpose. I also lacked in self-confidence, had got into lifting weights at the gym and had an aesthetic goal linked to the way that I felt about myself.

I have battled with some mental health problems and my own food issues but have since trained as a Level 3 personal trainer, a CrossFit coach and a nutritionist; I have graduated from Mac Nutrition Uni and studied with British Weightlifting and conducted further study in gymnastics  to become even better for my clients. I am passionate about continuing to learn while also educating the masses about health and fitness. I have experienced how good, how strong and how happy the feeling is that you are becoming a better version of yourself every day. Because of this, I am desperate to share that and help others to be able to feel the same.

I don’t just do fitness to work out anymore, I am in it for the connection I have with people, for that ‘on top of the world’ feeling every day. Because like you,  I know that I haven’t reached my limits yet either.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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