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Be Obsessed.

Unlock YOUR TRUE potential.

No more half measures. It’s time to UNLEASH your inner TrueSapien.

It already exists within you. You know it’s always been there, even though you may have suppressed or denied it in order to ‘exist’ or conform. 

TrueSapien is the aspirational, omnipotent version of yourself. The one that is compelled to ‘take action’ and lead, not sit back and watch. Harness its POWER!

"Being TrueSapien is a constant source of motivation and inspiration to me"
Verified Customer

It was created to celebrate the powerful, instinctive driving force within you; the need to strive to fulfil your own potential and make your mark. To unashamedly embody your own individual obsessions to achieve more than you ever dreamed possible.

Become TrueSapien and wear the brand as your pledge to Be Obsessed and embody YOUR EXTRAordinary.

"TrueSapien is more than just a brand!"
Verified Customer

Your competition is YOU. Challenge yourself fearlessly and passionately in everything you undertake, whilst inspiring and encouraging others to unleash their own TrueSapien.

For every product sold at the TrueSapien Store, we provide a child in need with a meal a day for an entire week.

At the core of the TrueSapien ethos is to pursue our potential, and set an example as we do so to younger generations. They should aspire to be anything they wish.

But how can they excel amid such uncertainty over food? Realistically, they don’t even stand a chance of getting close to fulfilling their potential.


Every day, there are thousands of children across the U.K. that rely on free school meals. Often these meals are the only nutritious food they will consume. But what happens during school holidays?

They find themselves at critical risk of severe malnutrition, neglect and other, directly related social issues.

Together, we really can make a tangible difference to their future.

TrueSapien has teamed up to support Feeding Britain’s Healthy Holidays scheme across the UK.